David Bierig, CEO of Bierig Brothers Inc., sees a few challenges for his business. He explains that “the economy is not helping,” the prices on proteins are “the highest they’ve ever been” and veal is becoming more of a specialty item – it usually takes up less than 1 percent of meat case in any grocery store. Even so, Bierig Brothers is keeping at it, and the business remains strong by remaining true to its service focus. 

“We are always trying to take on new customers, and word of mouth is our biggest help,” Bierig says. “We are known for the special attention to give to customers with custom packaging. We are small enough to ensure strong and close customer relations.”

Based in Vineland, N.J., Bierig Brothers was founded in 1955 by Herb, Alfred, Jake and Sam Bierig. These were the Bierig brothers for which the company is named, and each first-generation Bierig had a son. Now, David Bierig and his three cousins are the family’s second generation in the business. 

Amigo’s Foods is aptly named, as the nationwide meat distributor has been a good friend to customers in the industry for 20 years. As President Max Hurtado explains, the company has become a major success in the industry over the last two decades by concentrating on providing customers with everything they need in terms of protein and providing it at exactly the right time. With its emphasis firmly locked on providing exemplary customer service, Amigo’s Foods has big goals for the future, and there’s every indication that the company will be able to achieve them. 

The company was founded in Houston in 1994 by partners Francisco Moreno and Rafael Ortega. It was opened because Ortega was having a difficult time sourcing meat for his meat market stores from other distributors. Over time, the fledgling Amigo’s Foods grew into one of the largest meat distributors in Houston, and in 2001 the company took a chance on entering one of the most competitive markets in the nation when it opened its distribution center in Chicago. Over time, the company became successful enough to open facilities in two new markets, adding distribution centers in Atlanta and Phoenix. 

When customers sit down at a high-end Southern California restaurant, they expect the best – and that’s what West Coast Prime Meats provides. “The fact that our principals are from a restaurant background and still involved with other restaurants means we have a high sensitivity to what restaurants need, which is high quality, great service and fair pricing,” President Ray Nicholas says.

Taco John’s is a strong brand. The company is one of the largest Mexican restaurant brands in the country, with more than 400 restaurants in 25 states, as well as a loyal following of customers who enjoy Taco John’s signature “West-Mex” offerings. But the company wants to use its strength to ensure continuous growth, and a new CEO and a refreshed management team is a key part of Taco John’s plan to move its brand forward. 

In 1945, Seymour Unterman drove from Brooklyn to Atlanta in a brand-new Oldsmobile he paid nearly double the sticker price for with a simple, if somewhat far-fetched, plan. 

With almost every commodity in the post-war economy in short supply, Unterman saw potential in the cooking oil production market. At the time, all vegetable and peanut oil on the market was distributed through M.C. King & Co. of Atlanta, whose president, Walter Brooks, informed Unterman that large food conglomerates would likely continue to dominate for years to come.


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