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We Are Travel Girls - Inspiring, connecting, educating and empowering female travelers.

By Vanessa Rivers

Do you love to travel? If your answer is yes then you’ll want to know more about We Are Travel Girls. We Are Travel Girls is a global travel community created to inspire, connect, educate and empower female travelers around the world! Founded by Becky van Dijk and Vanessa Rivers, the pair met a fashion design course at London College of Fashion and immediately bonded over a mutual love for travel. In 2016, van Dijk and Rivers decided to come together to create a community to inspire women to get out of their comfort zones and see the world!

Filling a Void In The Travel Market

We Are Travel Girls was initially created to give female travelers a voice. At the time, there were no travel sites consistently promoting female travel writers and sharing their stories, so We Are Travel Girls was created to fill this void in the market. The company launched as a travel blog, WeAreTravelGirls.com, publishing five authentic travel stories every week written by van Dijk, Rivers and writers from around the world. Since inception, We Are Travel Girls has expanded our brand to host events and meet-ups all over the world, curate bespoke luxury women’s only trips through Travel Girls Getaways, and we proudly launched the charitable branch of our company to give back through Travel Girls Giving.

We Are Travel Girls 3What Does We Are Travel Girls Do?

• Travel Girls Getaways  We curate affordable luxury women’s only educational retreats, active escapes, country tours and charitable impact trips.

• Travel Girls Giving  Travel Girls Giving is the charitable branch of WATG supporting and bringing a spotlight to charities, raising funds and hosting trips with purpose.

• Meet-Ups & Events  We Are Travel Girls hosts meet-ups in cities around the globe connecting you with other women in the community.

• Detailed Travel Guides & Articles  We publish five authentic travel stories every week on WeAreTravelGirls.com, providing travel advice from women all around the world to over 200,000 monthly readers.

• Daily Travel Tips  We share daily travel tips and inspire female travel every day across our social media channels and on our popular Instagram page @WeAreTravelGirls.

• Ladies We Love  We publish a monthly Ladies We Love interview series with inspirational from women around the world.

• Charities We Love  We publish an article series bringing a spotlight to charitable organizations and non-profits.

• Promotional Brand Campaigns  We create authentic brand campaigns to introduce our audience of over 500,000 followers to brands that we love in an honest and engaging way.

Giving Back Through Travel 

We Are Travel Girls 2We Are Travel Girls was honored to be able to launch Travel Girls Giving this year the charitable branch of We Are Travel Girls, which promotes and supports charities and organizations working to help people, animals and the planet. To date, we have raised almost $20,000 for charity and we hope this number will increase every year as our following grows.

Currently, bookings are open for our April 2020 Malawi Safari & Charity Trip which is a once in a luxury impact trip that allows us to give back to the communities we visit in Malawi a meaningful way. Malawi, located in southeastern Africa, is one of the poorest countries in the world. In Malawi most people are struggling to live on less than $1 a day. 

“Our 2018 Malawi Safari & Charity Trip was our first impact trip and it truly opened our eyes to what an amazing position we are in to be able to help the communities we visit during our Travel Girls Getaways. With help from Malawi trip guests, we were able to raise over $10,000 for the communities we visited in Malawi. We raised money to buy reusable sanitary pads for all the school girls at Rainbow Hope Secondary School, so they would not have to miss school when they got their periods, we brought books, computers and school supplies, and we sent the final year students on safari as a graduation present,” Rivers says.

“I remember sitting in the run-down classroom at Rainbow Hope School in Mangochi, Malawi a poor fishing village on the outskirts of Lake Malawi. The classroom had four walls with nothing on them. It was very hot. I had sweat dripping down my forehead that was mixing with the tears dripping down my cheeks,” Rivers explains. “I was so humbled and honored to be part of their community that day, to have the incredible experience of being somewhere where every penny we could raise would make such a huge difference to these kid’s lives. I looked at Becky and she was crying too. In that moment we just knew that this was it even if we never made a money from We Are Travel Girls, all the hard work was already worth it to be in this moment, being able to help these school children who desperately needed our support.” 

As part of this amazing charity trip, we are currently fundraising to rebuild a school in Malawi. Find out more information about our trips at Getaways.WeAreTravelGirls.com and more information about Travel Girls Giving at WeAreTravelGirls.com/Giving.


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