Sweet Success

Sweet Success

Seven packaging trends in the candy industry.

By Abhijeet Shah

The food and beverage industry is booming and there has been significant growth in the candy segment, which has highly influenced the confectionery packaging market. With the rapid advances in technology, customer preferences have changed and so are their expectations. With the constantly evolving technological landscape, the confectionery packaging industry is evolving too. If the brands are able to adapt to this change and use technology to connect and engage with their consumers, they will survive.

If brands do not embrace technology, they will not be able to deliver and that means they won’t be able to survive. If you want your brand not only to thrive but grow, you need to keep a watch on the emerging candy packaging trends. Here are seven of the most eye-catching packaging trends in the confectionery category.

1. Personalize the Packaging

We humans love to be appreciated and recognized. That makes us feel important. We are vain and confectionary manufacturers are using this trait of ours to their advantage. How will you feel if you see yourself featured on a confectionary pack? Important, right? The confectionery sector is using technology to personalize packs to drive customer loyalty.

2. Embrace Technology

Through the recent advances in technology has evolved a trend called connected packaging, which is also known as intelligent and smart packaging. Today, almost everybody has a smartphone. Smartphones are fully equipped to interact with intelligent packaging through QR codes, NFC tags and other graphic markers. Connected packaging allows direct connection with the consumers and is a tool that can drive brand engagement.

3. Clear Packaging

To stand out from the crowd, you need to do things differently. Many companies have adopted various ways to accomplish dominance on the product shelf. Some have experimented with the size of the container and some have experimented with the look of the pack. An interesting trend that is eye-catching on the shelf is a product pack with a clear view of the product.

4. Single-serve Packaging

Sweet Success 2Taking packaging up a notch is another trend that is gaining momentum. The single-serve packaging, for example, is a size that appeals to the younger lot as the packaging options are easy to carry, open and reseal.

5. Convenience Packaging

Customers today look for convenience in product packaging and they are willing to pay extra for it. One of the packaging options that offer convenience to consumers is standup pouches. They are lightweight, easy to carry, open and reseal.

6. Bulk Packaging

Bulk packaging totally makes sense for big families and households. A large resealable package of candy and snacks means fewer trips to the store to buy more. It saves money and time too. Flexible packaging that is resealable is critical to people who believe in bulk buying without compromising on the freshness of the product.

7. Stand Out from the Crowd

To connect and engage with the customers, you should consider bringing a new element to enhance the look of your packaging. Changing the format, material or style can entice your customer to buy your products. Your packaging should resonate with your brand. And that will make it stand out from the rest.

Abhijeet Shah is the head of digital marketing for Packing Supply, a leading name in the packaging supply industry. He believes that it's not only what’s on the inside that matters, but how products are packaged is just as important. Abhijeet stays updated with the latest trends and innovations in the industry and is quick to share them with his readers. He loves traveling and is often tempted to buy products that he comes across with unique packaging from all over the world, which he then adds to his ever-expanding collection of “bags and boxes.”


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