Women Like to Drink, Too!

Super Bowl and Booze

Super Bowl: Booze has a missed opportunity with women.

By Stefania Pomponi and Kristy Sammis

It’s a proven fact: Women buy almost all the booze for Super Bowl parties. Seventy-five percent of women are the primary household shopper and 85 percent of all consumer goods purchases are made by women. Know what else? Women actually drink the booze they buy. So while women may love to compare notes on the lowest-carb beer or toast to successes with a sparkling rosé, we also love to sip whisky and shoot tequila when the celebration calls for it. Ask any woman and she will tell you – women enjoy alcoholic beverages just as much as men. 

If you want the sales, then you need to convince the women. 

Despite clear market data that supports paying attention to women, beer and alcohol brands have traditionally targeted commercials towards men (a la Budweiser's wassup campaign). So when recent studies showed the gap between male and female drinking habits is closing, we thought women would finally be included in awesome, hilarious, enticing boozy marketing campaigns.

We were wrong. Alcohol ads are still overwhelmingly targeted to men – and will likely continue to be at this year's big game – with women either completely excluded or included only as sex objects. For the men. Who won’t be making the purchasing decision. 

To prove our point further, we polled female influencers in our company, CLEVER’s, network to gauge their opinions specifically around beer. The answers we received were not surprising – at least not to women!


“I LOVE beer – in fact, now that I have a kid, I find myself drinking more. At the end of a long day, it’s a nice way to unwind. Summertime includes higher raters of beer drinking when we do things like hang out and go camping.”

“Women do like beer! And they do most of the beer shopping for their husbands, I promise!”

“We are totally under-marketed to, and this is a huge niche with lots of money and potential. Plus, we usually do the shopping!”

“I don’t drink cocktails – no martinis, no cosmos, no fuzzy navels. I drink beer. Lite beer. And a lot of it. And I’d love for beer companies to recognize that there are clever ladies like me all across the country – nay, the world – who like beer a lot more than anything flirty and pink.”


In this year's game, wine brands like Yellowtail will spend a ton of money on their Super Bowl strategies because they know women are watching. In fact, 80 percent of them are. And of that 80 percent, 57 percent pay the most attention to beer ads. So, where will the rest of the major alcohol brands be spending their dollars? 

From what we can tell so far, beer brands will continue to spend on men. Bud Lite pre-released its spots, which pay tribute to the formation of friendships that come about over a couple of Buds. The bromance insight moves in the right direction, but it also misses the mark by completely overlooking the strength of female bonding and how often this happens in the presence of an alcoholic beverage. Had these spots included examples of both, Bud Lite would likely be getting a lot more bang for its $5 million. 

As for what we haven’t seen yet from the boozy community, we hope the spending is on women –the consumer group most ready and willing to share their opinions, stories, cocktail recipes, and favorite toasts… and most likely to put their dollars where their drink is.


Stefania Pomponi and Kristy Sammis are co-founders of CLEVER, the influencer marketing agency. The company focuses on real people telling brand stories and matches the influencers to the right brands to reach millions of consumers. Visit www.realclever.com for more information.

Photo credit: Jose Cuervo, WildRuffle


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