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Your social media manager has a few things to say about how you should be thinking about social when it comes to your business.

Today, there is a shared impression that digital media is making us more open and communicative with one another. We can text endlessly, reach out any time of day through email, post pictures of our exploits and share our experiences with friends halfway around the world. 

No matter how connected you are, there is likely one person who is probably not saying what they really want to say to you – your brand’s social media manager. Here are eight things they really want to tell you.

The content is fleeting, but it can still be meaningful.

Your social media manager hears this refrain all the time: “We’re spending so much time and effort on this video, but won’t it just disappear in a day?” Although it is true that social media content feels ephemeral, quickly buried by the next piece of news content and then the next, it also has potential to live on and in so many different places online. 

Content that is authentic, creative, inspiring and that connects with people in a meaningful way will get shared. It may even experience a second or third life years after you hit publish. It may even live on forever. 

Experimenting is okay. 

When we find something that works for the brand, it is so easy to just stay in that comfortable place forever. It becomes habit to face a promotional opportunity and opt to run the same contest in the same ways with slightly tweaked features. Sure it will generate engagement and sell some product, but social media is constantly shifting and evolving. There are new platforms being embraced by your brand’s target audience, platforms that allow them to shine and be creative or maybe just be heard in a different way. 

Your social media manager wants to take what your brand has learned from all its successes and really stretch those muscles. The results might not be as big, at least not right away, but it could lead to something with even greater reach and engagement down the road. 

Failure is an option.

“What if it doesn’t work?” Remember your concerns that social media is here today, gone tomorrow? It is that very nature that makes failure tolerable when it comes to social media marketing. A lackluster or low-performing promotion won’t sink your brand in social media – a few clicks of the Hide button and it is time to move on to the next project. 

If you have a good social media manager, their response to a failure will be: “What did we learn from this and how can we use that lesson for our next endeavor?” Knowledge is power, even in the age of social media.

Have a mission.

The word “mission” has a heavy connotation with some brands, conjuring thoughts of philanthropy and sainthood, but social media managers love hearing the word. To a social media manager, the word means “purpose.” Purpose is the magic ingredient for consistent, thoughtful and effective social media content. In a discipline where it seems that volume trumps everything else, mission is the common thread that ties content together.

When things go wrong, it sometimes looks worse than it really is.

As vigilant content managers, the clients and agency partners are able to see every engagement transaction happening between the brand and their audience within social media. Occasionally, there is a swell of negative chatter within a community and it is not long before all responsible parties are swept up with the impression that there is a true crisis at hand. 

Sometimes it truly does develop into a crisis, but most of the time it is just a small fraction of the activity happening within your brand’s network. Posts shared on a brand’s wall, for instance, are not seen widely by the brand’s whole social community, only the poster’s community. The appearance of multiple negative posts in the stream of your brand’s content management and monitoring tool, in a short time frame, can make it look worse than it really is. 

Be flexible.

The only thing that appears to have a shorter life span than social content is the platforms where that content is shared. Even the most heavily utilized social platforms change their features and functionality regularly, not to mention how and when your brand’s content is seen by your community. The best defense within this constantly fluctuating landscape is a social media manager who is vigilant about these changes and has the capacity to adapt to them quickly. In order to do that, they need brand partners who are willing to adapt quickly, too. 

Trust us.

Trust is crucial in effective, groundbreaking social media marketing. Although the foundation of a strong social program is made up of process, creativity, flexibility and purpose, it is trust that will carry a brand to the next level and really help them turn heads in the space. You cannot fail upward without trust. You cannot take giant leaps without trust. Many of the most magical, viral content pieces that came from brands came first, from a place of trust in their social team. 


No matter what happens, your social media manager wants you to remember to relax, just a little. Your brand is fighting hard to grab the attention of your audience but in social media, it’s taking that stand among cat videos, cute babies and selfies. Your content has the chance to really make an impact, but if today didn’t really work out, remember there is always, always tomorrow. 


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